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This website was created as a guide to the ice warriors who play predominantly unorganized pickup or "Shinny" hockey. Having taken up shinny hockey late in my thirties, I quickly became an observer, and have attempted to present my slant on its many unwritten rules in the most straight forward manner possible.  I  admit that writing down unwritten rules is a paradox because by definition, the fact that they have gone unwritten is obviously itself a rule (one that I am clearly breaking) ...  Like many activities,  this kind of hockey appears simple at first glance: A bunch of grown up men and/or women, apparently reliving their youth by imitating the simple game of pond hockey, but played on an indoor rink in full equipment. If, however, you scratch the surface, you will uncover a world of  unwritten rituals that is complex and at the same time subtle .  My intent is to de-mystify these elements of the most beautiful game in the world, so that both current and future players may enjoy the experience even more than they already may do.    /jp

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Category Description
Definition of Shinny  "hockey with no refs, or permanent teams" /jp.
What's it about? 1. Fun,  2.Exercise,  3.Comeraderie.
What's it NOT about? 1.Your personal "NHL",  2.Showing off, 3. A place to vent your frustrations and  4.Practice your fighting skills.
Finding and Choosing your hockey. Matching yourself to the hockey you play makes all the difference in the world to your level of enjoyment.  Tips for picking hockey: 1.Play with people you know, of similar ability if possible. In case you are out of your league, these people will be the most forgiving.  2.Find times that don't interfere with you home or work life. Weekday early morning hockey seems to work the best for most people, and any time on weekends are the worst for screwing up your family life.   3.Its not bad to play with people who are just slightly better on average than you are. You have to find the right balance between being driven to improvement and being blown away.  4.If you play with people that you feel are a good match to your skills, ask them about other hockey they play, and how they fit in there. An opening may come up for you to join another group in some time.
Shinny all year round Hockey has evolved to an all year sport, with indoor arenas open virtually all year.  Somehow, summer hockey seems to be more relaxed, lets you stay fit, play with different people, and is a great way to have fun.

--- Isn't writing the unwriten rules of shinny hockey against the rules??? ---