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...or stuff my bantam coach never told me...

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Hockey bag smell

Hockey bag smell is caused by sweat accumulating on your gear, not being allowed to dry out. Think of it like those sweatsocks that lived in your high school gym bag that were never washed since your mom packed it up for you at the beginning of grade nine. Tips on reducing the smell include:  1. Let your bag dry out  between games by emptying or at least leaving it open.  2.Sprays, odor eaters etc provide marginal improvement.  3.Washing gear often seems to help for some reason… 4. Find a place in the garage for your stuff, because most likely it won't be allowed into the house.

Thanks to Billy McD from the Kanata Hawks for this tip:
Febreeze is the only known substance to man that is any match to reeking equipment. Now they have extra strength. I don't know what's in this stuff or what sort of health payback it'll reap in 20 years but damn it works good.

Missing equipment

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you show up at the rink, only; to discover you have a piece of gear missing. Dealing with this is dependant on the equipment, from easiest to hardest: 1. Tape:This stuff is almost a communally shared resource. 2.Stick/Jerseys/socks: Just about everybody brings two of each, so borrow one. No specific rule seems to exist about washing borrowed jerseys after using them.  3.Gloves and Helmets: try a swapping/sharing scheme with spares coming on and off the bench during play...its pain in the butt, but will keep you in the game.  4.Pants/Skates/Pads/Jock: The probability of borrowing these is almost nil, so too bad, you aren't playing today...

Thanks to Keith A. from Former Nortel Summer Hockey:
Another tip when you lose equipment- check the lost and found bin. You should be able to find an extra shin pad, jock or elbow pad in there. If you're lucky, maybe even a helmet, glove or pants.

Fragrances and odours 1. You should avoid wearing of strong scents like after shaves, perfumes/colognes. 2.Avoid garlic based foods prior to playing. 3.Hockey bag smell, although disgusting, appears to be acceptable to other players…(shower after the game though because it sticks to you and is offensive to family members and co-workers!)
Water bottles. Hockey is a game of sweat. You must replenish fluids if you want to finish a game.  1. ALWAYS bring a water bottle. 2. Room temp water is the best liquid. Don't freeze the bottle before a game so that there's a block of ice in it, otherwise you'll get those 'ice cream headaches' you got as a kid.   3.Drink after every shift.  4.Don't suck on the water bottle, others are using it too! (remember the SARS scare?)
Eating prior to play 1. Avoid garlic based foods, up to 24hours before a game. Your teammates will appreciate it.  2.Eat lightly at least 1-2hours before a game.  Carbos help.  3.Avoid alcohol, pop before games. Coffee seems to work for some people, especially for morning games.
Eating after play Apparently anything goes, particularly greasy food, and it seems to be best if washed down with beer.
Foot care. Success strategies for preventing athlete's foot or other foot diseases include using portable carpets or sandals.  The most successful strategy is to avoid taking showers at the arena altogether.
Pain relief remedies.

The miracle pain relief cocktail is Ice (external) and Ibuprofen (internal).    Beware of Heat rubs, use only BEFORE exercise and keep away from the "tender spots"!

Thanks to Scott B from The Kanata Hawks Perhaps You've Heard of Us:
"Advil - Warmup in a bottle"

--- Isn't writing the unwriten rules of shinny hockey against the rules??? ---