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Some handy skills to make your game better

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shooting Success in shooting can be classifed by how, and by where to shoot: 1. From observation (depending also on the player) the best to worst in accuracy typically is Wrist shot, Snap shot, Slap shot, Back hand shot.  2.The best place to shoot for a goal can depend a lot on the goalie, but generally, best to worst is a.Low on the stick side, b.Low on the Glove side, c.High on the stick side, d.The 'five hole', e.High on the glove side.  3.Remember, its never a bad play to just dump the puck at the net!
Skating This is the number one skill in hockey.  In order of decreasing importance:  1.Stopping,  2.sprinting, 3.stopping.
Passing One of the key to a successful shinny team is passing. If you get this down right as a team, you will cause your opponents to scramble all over the ice, while you expend a minimum energy getting yourselves into scoring position.  This guide doesn't go into team passing strategy, but as a player you should remember a few tips to help you personally: 1.Open ice is NOT an invitation to take off alone on an end to end rush: Its an invitation to make a clear pass. The corollary to this is  avoid passing the puck out your end up 'The Busy Boards', because, guaranteed, an opponent will get to it before any of your team mates.  2.Slap shots are a lousy way to pass for accuracy and reception control. Good passes should be firm, made with 'soft hands'.  The 'saucer pass' (a tape to tape chip that rises a foot or so at its apex) is a great way to pass the puck through or around a defender in the opponent's end.  3.Lead passes are made while moving forward. Their success depends on your knowledge of your teamates speed and motivation (will he go for it?) short or too far make it useless.  4.Don't pass to somebody with their back to you...and don't pass to a guy who isn't looking, then call out his name. 6.Don't pass to your goalie. He's not expecting it...
basic positional play This manual does not attemp to cover team play, but you can personally get maximum enjoyment and success in shinny by these observations  on positional play: 1.If you are on defense, don't play forward.  2.If you are a forward, keep up to the play either in attack, or when back checking. If you are too tired to do this, then get off the ice.  3.Stick to your wing as much as possible, unless your linemates are clued into a cross-over.  4.Before going on the ice, try to get agreement from your mates whether you are the guy who will go deep, who goes to the net or who stays high during an offensive play.  5.Floating out around center waiting for a break out pass is standard in Europe, but generally is considered lazy in North American play.
How to remain 'invisible' If you really feel that your playing sucks, your goal should be to remain 'invisible', in other words, make sure that nobody notices your play on the ice.  Tips for doing this include: 1. Stay on your wing, 2. Don't carry the puck too far, then make short forward passes, 3. Get off before you are too tired, 4.Play clean, 5. Don't go offside. 6.Dont' try to deke the goalie when one on one….just shoot, and if you miss or the goalie saves it, yell 'wow what a save!'.
Avoiding accidental body contact. 1. Play with your head up as much as possible. 2. Stay on your wing. 3.Stay off the ice, although this sort of defeats the purpose of playing…
How to 'seem' more skillfull  You can take advantage of the non-contact nature and sloppy rule enforcement of shinny hockey to seem more skillful.  The most effective moves for experienced players are: a. Close in dekes or 'inside-outs', b.Fast skating to beat an opponent, For the less experience, try a. hanging around the slot waiting for a pass or a tip-in. b.looping around behind the opposing defensemen in the neutral zone, waiting for a two line pass and breakaway.

--- Isn't writing the unwriten rules of shinny hockey against the rules??? ---